ATV Cool Heads


Billet aluminum/CNC cylinder heads are available for many high performance applications. These state-of-the-art heads have replaceable combustion chambers for easy tuning, or custom order for your application( altitude, port timing, and fuel, ect.). Up to 70% better cooling, increased reliability and CAD assisted designed combustion chambers insure maximum performance. Standard (sea-level, pump gas, standard port timing) combustion chamber sizes indicated. Custom order combustion chambers as needed.


Part No. Description Retail
PD310A ATC/TRX250R Cool Head $180.00
PD310B ATC/TRX250R (w/head stay) Cool Head $199.95
PD310E Pro-X TRX 310/330 Cool Head $199.95
PD311 ATC/TRX250R 18cc Dome $39.95
PD312 ATC/TRX250R 19cc Dome $39.95
PD313 ATC/TRX250R 20cc Dome $39.95
PD314 ATC/TRX250R 21cc Dome $39.95
PD315 ATC/TRX250R 22cc Dome $39.95
PD310E-1 Pro-X TRX 310/330 28cc Dome $39.95
PD310E-2 Pro-X TRX 310/330 30cc Dome $39.95
PD310E-3 Pro-X TRX 310/330 33cc Dome $39.95


Motorcycle Cool Heads Kits


Billet aluminum/CNC cylinder heads are available for the following applications. The 125/250 heads come with two replacable state-of-the-art combustion chambers for standard and high compression race gas applications.


Part No. Description Retail
PD350 CR125 92-00 Cool Head Kit $239.95
PD351 CR125 (Kart) 92-00 Cool Head Kit $209.95
PD360 CR250 92-96 Cool Head Kit $239.95
PD361 CR250 97-01 Cool Head Kit $239.95
PD363 CR500 89-01 Cool Head Kit $289.95