Pro Flow Filter Kits

Pro Design Airbox Filter Kits replace your faulty stock and restrictive air filter and adaptor to give you the performance you want. Your filter can now remain in place without the restriction inherant with the stock mounting lid. Includes a positive O-Ring seal, 2 Stage High Volume Foam Air Filter, with a 3rd Stage filter wrap, and all mounting hardware. This kit can save hundreds of dollars in engine repairs. The Suzuki/Kawasaki Pro Flow Kit features a unique port base plate which forms a perfect seal at the front of the filter for a dramatic improvment over stock by preventing dirt or debris from getting into your intake. With the Pro Flow Kits, in dry conditions, you can completely remove your airbox lid and maximize your air intake.

LTZ400 / KFX400

Part No. Description Retail
PD210 Pro-Flow Kit with foam filter $ 99.95
PD213 Pro-Flow Kit with K&N Filter $129.95
PD202 Pro-Flow Foam Filter and Wrap $ 39.95
PD213A Pro-Flow K&N Filter $ 44.95
PD213C Pro-Flow Precharger $ 24.95


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